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To capture, at fixed photos, all the movement of the such important day, for the Wedding Photographer, there are three very important things to do simultaneously: to be at the right place, do not miss the moment and, the most difficult, do it beautifully.

The Wedding Photography, as all the other kind, live from harmony of composition, the play of the volumes and light with the object needed to be photographed to produce the ideal Photo.

To do that my tools are the constant training as a Photographer, for several years, lot´s of work, a constant attraction for composition and, finally but not least, a taste learned and corrected by the study of the work of the best of the profession.

I believe in the invisibility of the Wedding Photographer of the day which, that way, he has the liberty to found, as the day flow, the "pieces of happening" that are, at the end, the real Photos and that is Wedding Photojournalism.

My work lives from the constant search of how to do it better and believing that my last work is always to serve my next costumer and I am, here, in Portugal to be your Wedding memory.


At your Service

Fernando Colaço