Bride already inside the car that will take her to the ceremony, composed by the wedding photographer in Cascais, Portugal.

The photographer with what he needs, for weddings


Bride already inside the car that will take her to the ceremony, composed by the wedding photographer in Cascais, Portugal.

When I choose the photos, among all that I had photographed at a wedding, I ask myself, sometimes, what drives me to that angle, that point of view (the place the photographer choose to photograph), or, even, the perception that the moment for the click was, exactly, that.

That is, in the front of an already done photo, also, far away from them happened, I wonder what were all the variants that led to it. In addition to the pleasure I have of having at my disposal all those points of view, so many photos are ready to happen, still, I wonder about the tools I need to use to catch that one and, next, another.

I already wrote about the point of view, but many others are necessary for a photograph to be. Observe the scene and choose the piece I think is the better, framing, after, verify the best angle that will give life to that piece, next detect where and how the elements inside that piece of the event will behave with the harmony that any photographic camera love and, finally, decide what is the decisive moment that will give them all as finished.

You must, however, think that the wedding photographer can not do all those parts and decisions one by one, with the loss of time he does not have, because he can not let go of everything that, so preciously, he started to observe.

So, the wedding photographer, like every martial arts specialist, trains his brain and the body so that, in a glimpse of time, he manages to do everything at the same time to capture that precious moment, in time.

I must say that it is an exercise that gives me a mixture of pleasure, excitation, and responsibility. If I was, only, a photographer at the wedding without the responsibility for the delivery of the story of the day, maybe I would not need to become an expert in achieving something that physics proves impossible. Those several things can occupy, or do, the same space at the same time.

I can, seriously!

Bride getting her hair done, seen from behind with tiara on her head.
Bride, seated, in the hair preparation phase.
Wedding rings on pillows inside a box.
Bride laughing as she gets makeup, seen through a crack in the door.
Bride plays with a boy.
Silhouette of the bride already wearing the dress.
The bride's shoes at the foot of a house column.
Bride to be taken care of in makeup and hair.
The bride's father takin care of her hair.

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