When the wedding belongs to everyone, even the photographer


When all the family does it, it is more close to the heart. I found that in the wedding of Jade and Neil some time ago, in Nazaré when I get to the place of the party and noticed that it was on the square of the neighborhood, in front of the house of Jade´s parents. It was the door of the house directly to tables and chairs, which was a very good thing to the logistic of the event. I noticed a much more naturalness from the guests, it seems that all of them were at home which was a very good thing to the wedding photographer when chasing the photos he liked so much to catch.

I chose these few photographs just to show that, although simple, it is possible to build a place to celebrate and where everybody is feeling so good and with a very nice connection between the presents. Even the wedding photographer helped, here and there to carry a table, a chair, or some dishes to compose the needs.

It does not happen so much, but I always felt that, when this happens, I find a more sense of sharing and giving that exists in any wedding. In those, we can find a mutual attraction between the couple and guests. This makes a wedding party with a mood, in some way, different from the others. It is a party of ties and affections shared in their entirety. When this happens it is a gift for the wedding photographer to assist and collect those affections.

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