Monthly Archives: December 2015

The bride and the mirror

MIRRORS and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Peeking it is one thing I love to do as a photographer. It is that casual behavior that everybody have when, not being a part of the action, turn the eyes and catch that small part of the happening, sometimes with that blur that give a completely different vision of… Read more »

The bride arrive to the church

FOR WHOM EVERYBODY WAIT, IN THE WEDDING DAY The arrival of the bride is, always, one of the most expected moments at a wedding day if at the Church or at the Civil Ceremony. That is why all wedding photographers try to find the best position for the best coming photos. Because it is a very fast… Read more »

The couple and the photo

ONE MORE PHOTO I am, as I said before here, a portrait photographer. I understand that all composition, here as photography, must include the person photographed in a predominant position in the frame. We can choose a face portrait or a group but the photo must direct our attention to the face of the photographed… Read more »

A photo of the bride and groom at Peninha, Sintra

ALWAYS IN PENINHA TO PHOTOGRAH Peninha, in the peak of Serra de Sintra, has, always, that enchantment unavoidable to any photographer. These days of Autumn giving us those greens, browns, oranges and yellows with the tonalities that bring photography lovers rumbling all over this place.  This one is a black and withe photo but still… Read more »