Monthly Archives: May 2019

The groom is ready

I LOVE THOSE SMILES In the passed I already wrote that is not my intention, when photographing a wedding, find all the time the most spectacular moments to images. Of course if they happen, I will catch them. Usually they fit well in the wedding photographers blogs and seems to be popular. However, for some… Read more »

Bride in the aisle

FATHER OF THE BRIDE The wedding day have several key moments and one of them it is the entry of the bride and groom with the parents in the ceremony space. For the wedding photographer, it is very funny to see how the companion do the way from the door to the altar or ceremonial… Read more »

Reaction in wedding photography

LITTLE DEMONS AND PRANKISH LITTLE ANGELS Please, do not think that the wedding photographer can photograph all the moments during the wedding day. It is not a great phrase from seller, but is honest. I wish. There are lot of things that made this happens and, also, the opposite. Sometimes I feel some annoying devils… Read more »