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A wedding at Casa de Reguengos

JAZZ AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY I was listening Miles Davis Sanctury, from  Bitches Brew album, and I found a relationship between  what I do, wedding photography, and this theme. Maybe a bit entwined if some jazz purist read this but wedding photographic cover does not stay very far from a theme played by ears and fingers… Read more »

The importance of the ring in the weeding

THE SYMBOL OF AN ALLIANCE AND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER TESTIMONIAL The ritual always was present in the life of the humanity since our beginning. Those rituals have some symbols that are used when some group join to found some new politic or religious reality, celebrate some change, thanking a good crop or anticipating a wish…. Read more »

The bride getting ready

THE BRIDE AND THE DOVES It is usual, now, to photograph the get ready of the bride and groom at the wedding day. I do it with great pleasure because the communion I see with the couple and theirs families before the most formal side of the day and, specially, because I have, always, great… Read more »

Fun time at the wedding

PARTIES AT THE WEDDING PARTY We can divide the wedding day with several stages. The get ready, ceremony, gathering, the photo session, the meal and…the party. The party time should be the most dynamic stage of the day. But…well, not quite. We have full party, alf party, it seems we are in a party and… Read more »