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Photos of the photos in the wedding day

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER AND THE OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS After the boom of the smartphones I find some commentaries in the internet wedding photographers groups about bothersome they feel about the guest photographers that fulfill the weddings nowadays. Today, everybody with a camera inside a phone is a potencial competitor with the contracted photographer. Of course I… Read more »

Bride and groom in the woods taking photos

THE MELTING WOODS AND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I love very much to photograph inside the woods. Because I feel myself very well surrounded with old trees and twisted branches, foliage with thousand of yellows and thousand and two hundred greens, some hundreds of grays and lots of other colors. This ambient always excite my imagination… Read more »

This photography of the father of the bride

IT WAS A SO EASY PHOTO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I, already, wrote here about the velocity that things go on at the wedding day. Where all the qualities of the wedding photographer, like speed in the reaction or the accuracy of the looking around easy can overload the wedding photographer. Believe me. But not… Read more »

Just a photo that I like

SOME TALK ABOUT A PHOTO Being a photographer has this things. Sometimes we are looking for the little things that anybody can see, other times we have the ambition of the moment, for some reasons the movement become an obsession. Notice that I use strong words to define the photographers interest.  They are like that… Read more »

Times are changing…

A NEW WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY…MAYBE Since I remember I appreciate technologic gadgets and I have some “toys” that do not belong to photography. But, I must say, the new communication toys does not appeal to me. To me, the car only serve to take me from one place to another and make my life easier and… Read more »

Loving the place of the wedding

THE BELONGING EXPERIENCE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Most of the times, finding the wedding ceremony place, when religious, is about the comfort, because it is near the wedding venue. Other times it is because the bride and groom like the temple by affective reasons, aesthetic or because the importance of the place. We could find… Read more »

Portrait and elopement session

PORTRAITS, PORTRAITS, PORTRAITS AND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY All of us know that each photographer try everything he, or she, can to give identity to their work. I will not show examples of that but, to me, the portrait is the base of my work, even if it is done as a wedding photojournalistic approach. Because we… Read more »