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The laughter of the bride

LAUGH  AND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding day is full of emotions. I know that it is a common expression from someone who write to persuade the importance of their work in the catch of those emotions, for the future memory. But it is the truth. After all the years I do that I reaffirm… Read more »

Bride little details

THE LITTLE THINGS There is a word in the weddings providers, photography, decor or animation that is very used in the all of the wedding universe. That word is detail. The way of tell the day in photographies is very cinematographic. If instead the finished movie we have access to the story board, which originated… Read more »

The story inside a photo

WHAT IS INSIDE? by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER A photo can only be a recollect of a real scene and transforme it in a representation and nothing more. It can have that thing which bring to us the reason to have some beauty, or not, it can show us that reality without a doubt or a… Read more »

Wedding day in Sintra

A WEDDING, REALLY, INSIDE THE VILLAGE OF SINTRA I  can count some amount of weddings that I photographed in Sintra as a place chosen by the bride and groom. But it has been or the ceremony or the party. This time, Ulrica and João did chose Sintra for the ceremony the Church of Santa Maria… Read more »