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The groom and the mirrors

MAGIC MIRROS to the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Most of the posts about the get ready concern to the brides. It seems that the grooms just show up, coming from nowhere, straight to the ceremony and, from there, to the party where they are important characters and drivers. Nothing like that, but it is true that around… Read more »

Wedding in Cascais and Sintra

CASCAIS, SINTRA AND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Cascais and Sintra are, both, a great space to successfully chose to a wedding day. Cascais old town as a very special beauty because the old borough as been untouchable throughout time and it is a perfect place to photograph. The sided sea, give an enhanced beauty. Sintra is… Read more »

The portrait, again

THE WEDING PHOTOGRAPHER FINDING THE PORTRAIT It is not the first time I assume, here, that the portrait is the base of my wedding day photographic cover. In fact, since I remember, in the first moments with a camera in my eyes, my lens felt more satisfied when pointed to a human face instead a… Read more »

A wedding at the Mafra Basilica

A ALMOST RAINY DAY and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER It was one of these days when we preferred  to be near to a fireplace than face the elements and photograph a wedding. Middle of April, almost low temperature and  rainfall without warning. However do not think that the wedding photographer was whining all the time between… Read more »

Peeking photos in the wedding day

THE PHOTOS FROM OTHERS I already wrote here that I am not the only photographer in the wedding day. Those events always had some second line photographers competing, in some ways, with the contracted one. I do not like very much the competing concept and I do prefer complementing. Of course the oficial one believe… Read more »

Wedding guests and portrait

ALWAYS THE PORTRAIT with THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER If I told you that I spend photographing the wedding day just because the bride and the groom contracted me, I was telling a lie. It is, also, true that I would never photograph a wedding if I was not contracted. Both the affirmations are true and do… Read more »