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Sun set photos with the couple

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER ATRACCTION WITH THE SUN SET Those minutes before the sun set, and those just after, deliver to me an irresistible attraction, as wedding photographer, and with the approaching of that moment  some euphoria, and an uneasy, take care of me because the profit of that magic moment does not always depend of… Read more »

The photographer feelings

THE YES and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Without a doubt that everything done until now will flow to this moment. It is the apex of the angle. It is the first tempo of the play about the life of two persons that point to the yes and the rings sealing that endeavor. The second tempo start… Read more »

Entertaining the bride

BRIDE SATELLITES and  THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Being, at the same time, mother, aunt and bride and one that bring with her all the chicks, that never stop to be around, it is a very good call for the wedding photographer that does not like just to be there, waiting for something once in a while…. Read more »

There is always another photo

OTHER CHARACTERS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS Or, just watching. That could be the name of this photo. Daughter  and mother, or better, granddaughter and grandma or, confused? …The mother of the groom and the daughter of the groom observe him get ready, for the great day and they can not stay out of the story…. Read more »

Looking around for photos

STORYTELLERS and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There are a lot of things that I like to observe in a wedding day. But one, in particular, appeal my eyes and bring my cameras to them. When arriving to the venue, where the party will be party, the guests form groups for several reasons. Because they know each… Read more »

Speech time in the wedding

SPEECHES  and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Just some photos to show moments that produce dozens. I do not even know if they are the best I have done about those moments or if they show best that particular part of the wedding day. The wedding photographer just saw and picked them to show what it is… Read more »

Photography things…

LUCK and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY What can tell us that a photo is a photo. For certainty it is not the simple fact of being a reproduction, inside a camera, of a moment, or a thing, after a adventured travel inside a glass tube, which it is a lens, and lie down in a electronic… Read more »

Unexpected photos in the wedding

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER AND THE OTHER CHARACTERS It is evident that the main subjects of the wedding photographer, during all day, are the bride and the groom. They offer, through the several stages, all the necessary photos to bring the memory of the day, that they chose to be today. As the landscape photographer know,… Read more »