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Not always a photo

NOT PHOTOGRAPHABLE MOMENTS BY THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Intimate moments. Even if the wedding is a public act I believe that some moments must stay private. I do not talk about illegal things but, sometimes, simples moments of affection. As wedding photographer I do not believe that everything is photographable. I find, several times, in those… Read more »

Hands, once more

HANDS, PHOTOGRAPHY and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Hands that hold, protect and care. During the wedding day I notice, always, a great share of functions by those that are part of the day. I like to photograph those weddings that after some time living together, and sometimes with kids that need to be care of, the… Read more »

The color of the wedding

GOLDEN YELLOW and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS Golden lights. It is one more fascination that I can not explain. Well, maybe I could but it was, for sure, tiring explaining the frequency of the color, influence of the psychology of the color and…no, that is not the way. Who was not fascinated, besides the wedding photographer,… Read more »

Party time at the wedding

PARTY and THE WEDDING FOTOGRAPHER It was party. It is party. Party will be. This is one thing that the wedding photographer know that will make him count the time between wedding parties he already did, the ones that will come next and those that are intended but not yet decided by the future clients…. Read more »

Style and wedding photography

FAR BEHIND and  THE WEDING PHOTOGRAPHER I do not feel myself in the movement that use, as reference of the photographic work, the vintage. Name I bit confusing in the concept and the appointment. Vintage it every style reference that back us in time and to some specific way of doing that reference in that… Read more »

Weddings and affections

ALWAYS SEARCHING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER We love you very much. That is what all people mean in the space of the party. They are approached family and the other ones from far away places. They are the street players of the days of children. They are from the high school with stories to tell…well… Read more »

A photo with mystery

A GOSSIP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER As it should be, the wedding photographer does not know what was talked about, inside this photo. First, because I was far away using my tele lens and, as a convict not secret spy, I could not know what was the interesting thing being said. Second, because what matter to the… Read more »

The special moment of the wedding

THIS IS THE RIGHT MOMENT by THE WEDDING PHOTGRAPHER This is the moment for what everything flowed before and all the celebration after that. I could find several examples but Nelson defeated all the competitors with that smile, I will never forget it, completely full of feeling as if, in that moment, everything that matter… Read more »