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Last moments seen by the photographer before the wedding aisle

THE BRIDE, LAST CHECKING and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Last verifications before leaving to the most important moment of the day. Those moments, usually, have some introspection glimpses, some serenity after the confusion of the get ready and some inner toughs before the walk to the altar where special speeches, institucional ceremonies end into a yes… Read more »

The photographer finding what to photograph in the wedding day

MOMENT DECISIONS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Several times, I verify that when I find one photo to do, another, at the same time, delight my  eyes. Sometimes I regret the decision and I loose some special moment and others, maybe with the help of my prankish little angels friends, which I wrote about, I am… Read more »

The photos from others in the wedding day

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS and THE GUESTS PHOTOS An impression. I already wrote here that I understand a photo as an impression from something that happened or was. Sometimes those impressions, even if secondaries, may transform that happening in something with great visual interest. With the smartphones phenomenon once in a while I see someone preparing… Read more »

Kids at the wedding

THE ATTENTION, THE KIDS and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I have no doubt that when a child enter in the space of the adults, preparing something, they are, instantly, the center of the attention. Even the wedding photographer with the obligation to focus in the bride, or the groom, can not stay out of that attraction… Read more »

When it happens the photographer, on the wedding, take advantage

THE GIFT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Sometimes, authentic gifts are offered to the wedding photographers. Several times, when I am doing my job, I find myself wishing something special and unusual in some part of the day, specially on those parts that tend to be very alike. I do not talk about the imagination necessary… Read more »

Other things of the wedding

FLOWERS, ARRANGEMENTS AND OTHERS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Usually it is not a problem to me to write about any photo I have done during my work. They tell I have easy writing but some issues difficult my  finding of the words and the organization of the phrases. Probably because, even if we do not… Read more »

Imagined movie at the wedding day

A SILENT FILM and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER May be, inside this wedding photographer, an imaginary desire of being a movie director that will take him to exercise points of view to tell a story without a writing screen story and sound. Without writing  because we never guess what those characters, that fulfill the wedding day… Read more »