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Spaces with light for photographers during a wedding

LIGHT AND THE LACK OF IT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The wedding ceremony in open spaces, venues and other appropriate places, deliver some difficulties to the wedding photographer that he do not find in churches. The light. The famous light that all the experts in photography so much talk about, write and, oftentimes, they proud… Read more »

The photographer attention at the baptism

CAPTIVATED by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  We can find, also, moments in the baptisms. In spite of, usually, the baptisms do not have the size of the weddings, the approach from the photographer does not have great difference. The baptism photographers do not work differently and their attention to the moments, those little pieces of time… Read more »

Information and style of a photographer for a wedding

BUILDING YOURSELF by the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER What are the processes, in the wedding day, that the wedding photographers must have in the building of the action. Because the wedding photography, from some time ago, is almost similar to the documentary photography we see in journalism, we can not direct the elements of the day because… Read more »

The photographer and color decisions in a wedding photography

THE BLACK AND WHITE OF THE COLOR by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  I already, once in a while, wrote about my option for the black and white. The wedding photographers have, each one, an aesthetic option relatively to the color, beyond the approach and composition differences, which what draws the most attention, the calmest form or… Read more »

The photographer, the bride and groom and the desire to photograph weddings at the covid19 days

WHEN YOU WANT, EVERYTHING IS ACHIEVED by the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Used to have a great ability to react with the unusual situations during a wedding day, where I am wedding photographer, I did not expected such imperative request from my cameras and lens, as I described in older posts. After the affliction to find my… Read more »

The photographer with the bride in the aisle, for the wedding

ALMOST LIKE A MOVIE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The epic movies, about the old days, always show us a parade where kings with their queens crossing aisles flanked with people that aplaude them, for whatever reason. The passage of the main characters attract, always, the satisfaction of those who wait and had a strong reason… Read more »

The photographer, the lockdown because of a virus, the groom and the desire to photograph weddings

THERE IS ALWYS A GROOM by the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER In the answer of the appeal of my photographic cameras and lens, tired to be waiting for action and prevented from letting go their joy near brides, grooms, guests, in churches or venues and in the fast moments of come and go that so much make… Read more »

The portrait, by the photographer, of the groom just before departure for the wedding

FINDING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Probably, the last movement of the first part of a play of four, is to photograph the groom, ready. After the process of the dressing get ready, usually with the help of the close family, the groom is ready to find his promised one, some moments ahed, near the ceremonial… Read more »