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The tunnel of love at weddings

IN GLORY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The triumphal passage. It could be the new name of the corridor made by the guests to celebrate the couple after the ceremony. After the institutional formalities, where the couple join together in the union ritual, symbolic and real, they walk that inner street acclaimed  by the presents and,… Read more »

Guessing eyes of the photographer in the get ready of the wedding

IMAGINE BEFORE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The obvious, usually, does not pick up my interest when I start to photograph, for exemple, in the house of the groom. That is why when I arrive, as wedding photographer, my eyes look like those loony toon characters that run at speed light velocity, like Speedy Gonzalez. They… Read more »

A photography from nowhere which the photographer in the wedding took advantage

GESSING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Photographing the first dance is one the best challenges that the wedding photographers have during the wedding day. They never know exactly what will be the light condition in place, they will never know, despite prior arrangement, the couple rhythm, how they will wrap themselves, if they change dance style… Read more »

While the photographer waits until the preparation for the wedding

ALWAYS PEEKING OUT and THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Not always, during the bride get ready, we are overwhelmed and the so called dead times can be many. But the wedding photographer can not be with nothing to do and find, all the time, photos with all the members in place whether they are going to entertain… Read more »