Monthly Archives: July 2020

Photographer on the loose during a wedding party

THE PHOTOGRAPHER by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Always the portrait, even if it was not been asked for. Although I already wrote here that I do not have any inclination to photograph animals, I admire their photographers very much. They are expert portraitists with a characteristic that I envy, the good envy, and I try to… Read more »

Variations around a portrait in a wedding by the photographer.

AROUND THE SUBJECT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Variations. We can find that in music very often and they are a challenge to a composer around a theme and find all the countless possibilities. The painters, also, like to do that and they paint and repaint the same subject, changing the colors and tones, the shapes,… Read more »

Brides, hairdressers and the photographer’s frenzy in the preparation for the wedding

THE TRANSFORMATION by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The bride at the hairdresser is always a great subject to any wedding photographer. For several reasons. Because they are curious people and they love to explore all the possibilities of the points of view and, also, because they still have time to explore, and they like to try… Read more »