Monthly Archives: August 2020

The child, the others and the photographer in the baptism

THE BABY ATTENTION by THE BAPTISM PHOTOGRAPHER  Sometimes, when baptism photographer, I find myself giving too much attention to the baby. From time to time, my more attentive side notice that  and I redirect my attention to whom, also, deserve to be in the memory of that child when, one day, he will look with… Read more »

Where to the photographer is not enough to be fast after the wedding ceremony

THE ATTRACTION FOR THE FACE EXPRESSIONS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  If there are moments, in the wedding day process, where the wedding photographers are completely dependent of the spontaneity it is when, since the wedding ceremony come to the end, the couple receive those hugs and kisses I am very happy for you from the… Read more »

The simple photos of the wedding

THOSE PHOTOS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Not always, photos from weddings are outstanding, full of life and movement. So many, the best of them, belong to the simple things, on the ride that someone did or brief looking eyes who knows too where. The wedding photographer must, also, give his attention to that. When you… Read more »

With love, light and fire the photographer follow the bride and groom to the wedding cake

THE TUNNEL OF LOVE, WITH FIRE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Light, fire and life. If the cut of the cake is the last offer from the bride and groom to their guests, they repay with gestures that simbolize their presence by choice and because the love for them. Nothing more symbolic than lighting with light,… Read more »

The photographer at the end of the wedding party

AND NOW…LET´S GO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  After everything, here comes the dance. In that floor that was waiting for everybody with excitation, as everybody knows, it is the first dance of the couple, with a wedding photographer around, that opens the real party with DJ serving that dance music until the last of the… Read more »