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And now I am getting married, with a photographer as a witness of the wedding ceremony

THE BRIDE IS READY TO GO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The bride departure, from home to the car that will take her to the ceremony, it is an excellent opportunity to the wedding photographer bring some interesting photos. It is a moment that melt together relaxation and anxiety, because the bride left behind all the… Read more »

Completing the puzzle by the photographer, even if in a wedding ceremony

THEN, IS NOT YET? by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  I do not want to show an exhaustive number of photos of the wedding and just  find some that are enough to describe the process and able to show the state of mind of the presents in the ritual. I found some photos from a wedding that… Read more »

The harmony of the pieces, in a wedding, for the joy of the photographer

HARMONIZING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  After let the groom ready to the ceremony, in a while, my passage with the bride start and, also there, the wedding photographer find some moments that fill the viewfinder of his cameras without having to work hard for it. I am thrilled by the way I see people interacting… Read more »

Photographer always around the portrait at the bride and groom session, in the wedding

THE PORTRAITIST by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Following the theme of the last post, more portrait. But now, more melted with the surroundings. Taking advantage with what my lens do with the background, or with the foreground when is there, and show a more integrated reading of the portrait. I like very much this way to… Read more »

The fascination of photographing a face by the photographer, in the preparation for the wedding

I WISH THAT WORTH IT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  If it was not the need to write in the blog, because of the search engines, that are the way to meet my future clients, I would let this photo just like it is. Only. Alone, to show my enchantment by faces and for the photography… Read more »

Kisses and hugs for the photographer, after the wedding ceremony

CONGRATULATIONS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Congratulations, you are beautiful. May the future give you everything you deserve. Oh!…dear, I thought never again. Ei…behave. My darlings, I am so happy for you. Eh! Eh!.. Now it is our turn. So, shall we eat? Look, will you give me the flowers? Give me a hug, I missed… Read more »

Wedding under the orange light and the photographer take advantage

COUPLES by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The photographic session with the couple is one the parts of the day that I like the most.  It was the reason why I decided to come to wedding photography. Since I felt that pleasure with a photographic camera tenderly in my hands, photographing people was my main subject. It… Read more »