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There is always time to photograph, even if the photographer has no time, before the wedding ceremony

PAMPERING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  It is almost done. Those are the final pampering just before to leave to the ceremony. Everything is never completely ready at this final touches with the bride. The wedding photographer, also, must find some time to pumper, photographically with portraits, a bride already with fringe nerves, see if nothing… Read more »

When everything must be perfect in the wedding, as the photographer like it

ONCE AGAIN, MY LITTLE ANGELS FRIENDS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  When I meet with the clients, so they can see If I may be the one for their wedding, one of the things that give me the sign that they started to like me is when they begin to describe, with joy, the place they… Read more »

The moment of the photographer

WALKING by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Statement: I just love to photograph the couple in the wedding day. As I repeated here more then once, it was what propelled me to photograph weddings. It seems, even if I imagine that all the photographic wedding process until there was a  sacrifice, it is not, it was worth… Read more »

The bride and groom in their wedding scenery with the photographer always present

THE EXACT SPOT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  One of the challenges of the day, to the wedding photographer, is to find, in the surrounding space, nice spots to the session with the groom and the bride at that special hour where the light is spot on. Even if the venue have a great place to… Read more »

For the wedding photographer, the space of the ceremony also counts

INSIDE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Spacious. Some churches are small, very welcoming where everyone is very close. Others are huge, and everyone seem too small. Wedding photographers love that because they can use their technic to work what we call scale. The means they have, their lens, can work differently depending the kind of spaces… Read more »