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Others spaces to the photographer in a wedding

CORDIALITY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Getting advantage of the spaces available in the place of the wedding venue is an option that we can not let go. But, of course, that place it not for our only and complete use. The wedding photographer must respect all those wandering with in their own lives and they,… Read more »

Peeking for moments by the photographer in a wedding

WHAT PEOPLE DO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Because I read too much in English, sometimes, I can not find those words in Portuguese that the English people have, when they speak their language, that are perfect to the ideia. I go to the dictionary and what I find does help for what I need to… Read more »

Bride and groom, characters and the photographer in the wedding day

LET´S GO AND IMAGINE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Characters. That is how I like to bring to photograph the couple in the wedding day. Because each one, or just one of them, like to live some role or because the wedding photographer, after the time we spent together, in his imagination, give them a role… Read more »

Color and colors to the photographer, in a wedding night

WHAT IS COLOR to THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Color, that thing that can be object of fascination to the wedding photographer or a big complication. I have been here several times writing about my relationship with colors and photography. I am a bit of extremes, it can lead me to peaks of excitement or those little… Read more »

The Photographer and photo before it happens, at a wedding

GETTING NOTICE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  There are some things that, even today, I do not understand. In spite all the years I am wedding photographer I still not understand why some photo contain that energy necessary to be attraction for the eyes, superior than others. Of course it can be explained after been taken,… Read more »