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A restless photographer, at the wedding ceremony

RESPECT AND DUTY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The wedding photographer must move inside, in a church wedding, the most invisible possible, respect the rules of the institution and never interfere in the normal developing of the ceremony. It is a place with spiritual connections, this ceremony have the function of creating a new one, marriage,… Read more »

The photographer dressing photos, in a wedding

TAILORING PHOTOS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Taking advantage of all things that surrounding the characters in a wedding day is an essencial tool for the wedding photographers. When we leave, only with our cameras and lens, to an event cover that happen in several spaces and each one is a different chapter of the story… Read more »

The beat of the photographer, with the rhythm of the dance floor, in a wedding

HOW EASY IT IS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  In the party, everybody feast. The place to dance, in the urban nights, are too much mono generational. When we enter only see springlike under the sound of the woofers beating the beat they love so much to free bodies and minds.  But, in a wedding, that… Read more »

The photographer and the random in a dance at the wedding

ACTION AND REACTION by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  It is time to move on. It is the moment to start the last part of the wedding day, with a cake to cut when the need to relax. Everything in the wedding is symbolic, in some way ritualistic, except love and friendship. The ceremony, the arrival to… Read more »