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Photographer with mirrors, in a wedding

FINDING THE LOST MIRROR BY THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER A happy photo or some sort of games of the wedding photographer. Already in some previous posts, I wrote about my attraction about mirrors wherever, but, specially, in the places where de bride and groom are getting ready. These photo, and the others from the same moments,… Read more »

The other photographers around the wedding

MY COLLEAGUES AGAIN  by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  If this was the beginning of a tale, it may start like this: once upon a time when someone need to remember the best of his wedding day revisited the photos of the wedding photographer, contracted for that. In the wedding, the photographer had the responsibility to assure… Read more »

The photographer after the wedding party

ONE MORE BEFORE TO GO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  There is one thing I like very much in those, so called, small weddings. Even if photographically the weddings have no size, only some can produce more subjects them others. I am talking about those that ends early, because more familiar, because in cozy venues and… Read more »

The session with the couple at a wedding or the photographer’s plans without plans

WITHOUT UNEXPECTED BUT… by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Scheduling. Usually a photographic session, in the various professional areas, have, before, a preparation that, once the session begin, the photographer only have to follow the scheduling done before. It is like that in fashion, pub and, even, sport photography.  But, today, wedding photography is very similar with… Read more »

At the wedding, the bride and groom leave the ceremony under the eye of the photographer

UNSTOPPABLE  SEQUENCE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  People movement can generate great subjects to any curious photographer. It is not a public street manifestation by some reason but, only, a celebration of the just married couple. It is not so different the approach, even if it is always much alike, never is, because the surprises the… Read more »

The wedding photographer and the year that made him miss, a lot

THE YEAR THAT WAS NOT AND THE LACK THAT MADE ME FEEL by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER For about 33 years as a photographer, living from that, I already passed through success moments, of breaking, changing direction but never, I repeat, never felt the taste of zero. Zero in the amount of work, zero in the… Read more »