Monthly Archives: February 2021

The landscapes of the photographer when he is in a wedding

SINCERITY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Subject, wedding photographers or a constant search. In this walking around searching photos that are spread for those who like to pick them up, as a careful gardener choosing his flowers, I still be amazed how I find them and my basket, in the form of a camera, is never… Read more »

The photographer and single women waiting for the bouquet at the wedding day

WHO WANTS TO JUMP by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  The wedding photographers have the habit of dividing the wedding day in parts. Maybe because this help them to organize their work, on my part I have, in other posts, once in a while written about the ritual moments that make part of the wedding day. We… Read more »

Changing with the photographer, in the wedding ceremony

FROM HERE by the ALGARVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Being part of the group of wedding photographers takes me, not only registering, also, witnessing a day in the lives of others. And we have this days, with so much to change that they deserve to be well registered. There are moments in our lives that have the… Read more »

When you stay the photographer of a wedding

STAY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Those moments. To the wedding photographer, always curious, moments that need fast reaction, in gathering events, are an irresistible attraction. I remember, perfectly, the wedding where, for the first time I felt that I really was photographing a wedding, how I though it must be done. After the meal, walking… Read more »

Photographer, mirrors and lens, in a wedding

FINDING THE LOST MIRROR BY THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER A happy photo or some sort of games of the wedding photographer. Already in some previous posts, I wrote about my attraction about mirrors wherever, but, specially, in the places where de bride and groom are getting ready. These photo, and the others from the same moments,… Read more »