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Bride and groom with the photographer in the wedding day

HERE THEY ARE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Despiste the couple, before the yes and after it, be the main subject of the photos I will made over the day, I can find a substantial other subjects offered by the guests that, here and there, the wedding photographer can loose the attention over the couple,… Read more »

Photographer draining away through the streets of Lisbon, after the wedding

LIKE WATER by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Walking around it. It, is the always beautiful and photographable downtown of Lisbon. So much is incredible in photos studied before, how usually do it the fashion productions, or by those that walk in the streets with attentive eyes and photographer patience waiting for a fulfilled space inside… Read more »

The other cerimonies for photos in the wedding

THE DIFFERENCE THAT IS NOT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  What is important to capture in the fast civil wedding ceremony? To the wedding photographer, there is a great difference between a wedding ceremony in church or in a venue, with the state representative. In the church, the photographer have time to experiment different solutions that… Read more »

Photographer between the lights at the end of the wedding party

FIRE LIGHT by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER During the years as wedding photographer, some fashions have gone and others coming, giving color, movement or, also, different forms of the people having fun. In the last years some lights, that come from fire in top of some sticks in the corridors with hoorays to the wedding… Read more »

The photographer in the whirlwind of a wedding party

IT IS PARTY TIME by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  How much I like the mess. As wedding photographer, one of the challenges I like the most is to pick up harmony, balance and a good composition in the middle of the caos, the imponderable and …the mess. It is like if an unorganized organization revealed … Read more »