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The photographer for those who deserve it, in a wedding at Nazaré

THE GIRLS by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER One of the most attractive subjects for the wedding photographer, or any other that like to photograph people, are the children. There are countless the pictures with children, in the places where they are promoted. Really, every time children are present in the event it is impossible that,… Read more »

The photographer’s view on a wedding day in Algarve

THE GREAT DOUBT by the ALGARVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I have a a great doubt living with me since I photograph weddings, the most powerful experience I had photographing people in groups. Before that, my experience with camera, photos and lens was with unanimated things, without animus, but with a lot of personality because they needed… Read more »

Guests like photography, on a wedding day in Algarve

THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE by the ALGARVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Not always the wedding photographers choose the couple as their main subject to photograph. Well, it is because of them that they are there, in the wedding, they contract them, but it was the couple that invited, also, all that people doing those things that appeal… Read more »

The photographer, changing moments and a wedding ceremony in Cascais

THE TENSION UNTIL THE YES by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Every wedding photographers know that after the entrance of the bride and groom in the church, or even in the civil ceremony, and when they seat themselves in the front of the officiant they may stay, in some way, alone. If you think them with… Read more »

Euphoric moments at Quinta da Cheinha, for a good wedding photography

OFFERS by THE PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  There are some moments, in the process of the wedding day, that are fabulous to pick up inside the wedding photographer cameras with a great crop of photos. During the speech of an inspired or comic speaker or, something usual in these days, when a small vídeo is projected… Read more »