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Changes until the wedding party, by the photographer

BUT…WHAT IS HAPPENING by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Sometimes, the wedding photographers does not know some of the changes and loose the timeline to follow. This can happens because it is something that the bride and groom does not know, because someone was in charge to update me and simply forgot it or because it… Read more »

The photographer and what is said at the wedding

WHO SAYS WHAT by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER It is not the first time that I wrote here about the great pleasure I have photographing a speech, during or after the meal, at the wedding day. Not always I can fulfill my desire, to the wedding photographer displeasure, but, when it happens, we can find… Read more »

The looks that the photographer notices, during the wedding

MOTHER EYES by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER After all these years, photographing weddings, I still feel myself amazed with looking eyes that my eyes find and deliver to my diligent photographic cameras. I am sure, it is in the looking eyes where I can see, read, the ties that connect people, and a wedding day… Read more »

The photographer always looking for, in the wedding in Palacio Estoril Golf & Wellness Hotel

TUNNEL VISION by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I do not want to play with the subject, because it is very serious with the people who suffer with it, but I think that the wedding photographers suffer from a visual effect called visual tunnel. They are always seeing things that, without, were unnoticed to someone that… Read more »

The photographer and the surprises, on a wedding at Nazaré

ME, ME by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There are some things that the wedding photographers can not control. Sometimes, some scheduled event in time, observed and prepared by someone with the obligation of catching those events in photographies, can not happened and, other times, some unexpected happens and transform that moment in something special. I… Read more »

In sequence for the photographer, in a wedding at Quinta do Castro

THE JEALOUS by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding photographers can testify that friends have those things, they are unable to be apart each other and are very jealous when they find, some of them, being treated specially in some happening, with a great amount of joy. Some times they are is the cause of… Read more »

Others who photograph, at the wedding, as the photographer’s attention

HIGHLIGHTS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Since the photography was born, the fastness it gets to the eyes, always has been a great interest from those who practice it and those who see it. Sometimes, the brand of the inventor replace the real name of the product or the action. Even today we find countries… Read more »