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The looking eyes of the photographer, in the wedding

GESTURES by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Maybe it is a thing from all wedding photographers but, even if I do not show it many times, here in the blog, I have the attraction to photograph gestures, better, I like to find hands doing those things that they do fantastically: petting, holding, saluting, comforting and many,… Read more »

The entrance of the bride and groom, by the photographer at the wedding

HERE THEY ARE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I already wrote here, sometimes, about how a wedding day is a repetition of several parts, without big difference from one to another. After some of them, the wedding photographer may have no more surprises and he can predict the next moves ahead. We may think that,… Read more »

Surprises for the photographer, in the wedding at Quinta da Cheinha

ALWAYS LOOKING by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding is a small universe where the presents, like the stars and the planets and the galaxies and all the other phenomena we love to see from the Hubble pictures, does not stop translating between them and they do not stop composing photos to offer to the… Read more »

Only three photos, to a wedding day at Quinta da Ramila

RESUME by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Coming to that small talk, between wedding photographers, about how many photos are needed, to tell the story of the wedding day, I made myself to choose only three photos, from the bride side, to remind me that day. To me, the wedding photographer there, in the wedding. Because… Read more »

The photographer and the caller, at a wedding in Quinta Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora

HI, IT IS ME, AGAIN by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There were two sisters. Just like the same and the wedding photographer never was able to tell the differences. If not a small stain in the cheek from one, because the sun in the beach, I would never know which one was always in the… Read more »

The photographer, the bride and sisters, in the wedding day near Guarda

LAST DETAILS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER After all this time, as wedding photographer, I still do not understand the reason why, even after the bride is finished as ready to go for the ceremony of the wedding, someone come to the front and find some detail that need to be arranged and, without that… Read more »

The attraction for affection by the photographer, in a baptism in Lisbon

GENERATIONS CONNECTION by the PORTUGAL BAPTISM PHOTOGRAPHER What can give me more emotions, as a baptism photographer, than the satisfaction of a granny with the grandchildren in her lap. I believe that it is more the simples observation of some older person with a child, which it is, always, something nice to see. I like… Read more »