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The photographer and the little ones at a wedding

ALL OVER AGAIN by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER It is impossible for the wedding photographers wandering in that day where they were chose to cover this very important moments to everybody, the bride and groom, the families and all the friends present, without stumbling, all the time, his eyes in kids who, in one way… Read more »

At the entrance to the wedding in the Church, by the photographer

Also the wedding photographers take advantage of the half a dozen photographic clichés that exist since photography was born. The sunset with palm trees, a group of leafless trees with sun over them, the old wall with a wooden gate already eaten by time, the blue cracked enamel plate with the door number, etc. One… Read more »

Details in preparation for the wedding, by the photographer

MOTHER LITTLE THINGS by the EVORA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Mirror, bride and mother. The wedding photographer could not expect better subject. Several times, in the moments the bride is being prepared for her great day, I found myself as a wind vane, or as they call it in my home town, like crazy chicken, not knowing… Read more »