Monthly Archives: December 2021

The photographer’s desire to return to the wedding

ALREADY DONE  by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Why wedding photographers are always eager to start over. I come back to the subject, again. Why I never tired myself to go photographing situations that are repeated over and over, again. The groom is waiting for me to start his metamorphosing path that will take him to… Read more »

The photographer’s imagination at the wedding session

LET’S GO by the SINTRA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Not always, in the place where the wedding party takes place, I can find good solutions to photograph the session, with the couple in the wedding day. I learned, with my time as wedding photographer, that I need the right hour and a friendly place so that people,… Read more »

The photographer attentive to what children do at weddings

INEVITABLE by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I think the wedding photographers must have some principles that give them the notion for what they can photograph, or not. I have, as a principle, to use the less possible the photos, I have done, with children, here in the blog. But, as everything in life, sometimes, some… Read more »