The pregnant woman sitting while her husband holds her from behind, in the session at Quinta da Regaleira, with the wedding photographer in Sintra.

An afternoon photographing at Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra


The pregnant woman sitting while her husband holds her from behind, in the session at Quinta da Regaleira, with the wedding photographer in Sintra.

Sintra has always been an idyllic place for any wedding photographer. Streets, small roads, hills, and forests always give us the best photographic subjects, and engaging scenarios and only the lack of imagination can be the limit. Of the several gardens, that Sintra owns with great pride, the Regaleira garden is, for sure, the most intense.

From the upbringing to the fruition of the ground. It is the kind of space that we visit not only because of the beauty but, especially, of the push of the imagination because we know, that below all of the beautiful trees and on the precisely designed walkways, in the past, all king of parties, rituals, and gathering charged with mystic ideas from what can be our life and all the connections that we do not understand well.

Because of this, it is natural that a wedding photographer, from time to time,  will come back with a bride and groom and involve them in the dozens of ways that this garden aloud. It was like that with Micaela and Eduardo, from the other side of the Atlantic, cognizant of all mysteries of the garden and, because of that,  they wished for a session with photographic cameras and lenses and all.

Here are the photos, some of them, stolen between branches and foliage of the great old trees, the witness of the old stories that charge our imagination in the ground roads specially designed to do that in our mind, the great well, with long stairs driving us to the deep of our existence. Well, at least, we imagine that even if we do not take it seriously.

To the wedding photographer, only the photos matter. And here they are.

The village of Sintra seen from the stairs of Palácio da Vila.
Pregnant with her husband in the garden of Quinta da Regaleira.
The couple leaning against the rough walls of the garden.
Couple among the leaves of a tree.
The couple next to the very old tree in the garden of Quinta da Regaleira.
Husband pats his pregnant wife's belly wrapped in flowers.
Husband and wife among flowers.
Pregnant woman holds her belly while her husband looks next to her.
The couple at the back of the Inverted Tower at Quinta da Regaleira.
Husband with his pregnant wife in the rosette of the Inverted Tower of Quinta da Regaleira.
Husband and wife look at each other in the inverted tower of Quinta da Regaleira.
Lurking with people at the bottom of the Inverted Tower of Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra..
On the stairs of the Tower.
Pregnant woman caress her husband's face.
Through the hole in the big rock at Quinta da Regaleira.
The couple walking in the garden.
Portrait of man leaning and hand in pocket.
Man laughs while being photographed.
Man among tree leaves.
Pregnant woman among blue agapanthus.
Smiling pregnant woman near various flowers.
Pregnant woman smiles with blurred blue agapanthus.
Husband hugs his pregnant wife from behind, between leafy trees.
The couple sitting on the gazebo in the garden.
Warm late afternoon light over the couple leaning against a garden wall.
The couple walks among very dense trees.
The couple holding hands under the pregnant belly.
Sitting on a wall talking to each other.
Sitting on the fence with the garden forest in the background.
With the green of the garden behind.
Pregnant woman leans her head on her husband's shoulder.
The couple among pink flowers.

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