A baptism photography as if it was not


Somewhere I already wrote here that, by choice and motivation, I never felt myself a street photographer, picking up those random happenings that we can find there. Does not matter the reasons. But, once in a while, in some of the events where I am photographing, I find some situations that seem like an instant, captured on a photo tour.

That is why, I could not let out of here this photo from Miguel, serenely, waiting to enter the Church for his baptism ceremony. Of course, I was in my function as a baptism photographer.  But, when, I do not remember why, I come out of the church door and I saw that baby in the car as if he was abandoned, with all those big people in the background it was impossible do not to take the camera to the eyes and…

Of course, Miguel was not abandoned, rather, on the contrary, he was very well cared for, and pampered, by those in place to witness the day,  chosen by his family, and community, to be the hour to belong to a new spiritual way. It is moments like this that end up stimulating the side outside of the box of the baptism photographer.

Baby sleeping in the stroller with guests, from baptism, in the background.

Photo taken in Almada.

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