A conceited groom and the photographer for the wedding


Look how I am. That is how I like to leave my grooms since I give an end in my passage with them. Usually, it is the first visit of the day and I want to assure you that everything begins well. After the put on the clothes, fine-tuning the details of the coats, ties, cufflinks, and shining shoes I like, as the wedding photographer in place, bringing to the front the vain side of my groom and showing that in photos.

Because it is a process that never ends, someone just gets there and wants to contribute and find, also, something to fine-tune that was already tuned. My photojournalist side just jump and there is one more point to join the story.

But there is a moment when everything is what it is and is time to go. A bride is waiting and I do not want to be late to another promising harvest. My artist side just broke the fear of the first step on the stage, yes photographers suffer from that too and after the first click, from the camera, the show just started and must be a success. There it is, I never stop.

Smiling groom's portrait with crossed arms.
Groom with guest, fine tuning the necktie.
Guest finishing touches on the groom's suit.
Groom and parents, in the background, and three guests before the ceremony.
Portrait of the groom with a happy face before the departure for the ceremony.

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