A elopement session in Cascais


When I do portraits in the exterior I am a shadow photographer. I explain. I like the molding of the light when it is soft and give that characteristic to the people I photograph. Nothing is worst than a wrinkled face, closed eyes, and dark shadows in front of a beautiful couple just a few days before the wedding.

In fact, it is easier and better, to photograph in the shadow if it is because the sun is mellowed by soft and not rainy clouds, by leafy trees that challenge the hard and hot sunlight never a friend of a quiet photo session or by some walls that also are great backgrounds for timeless photos.

That is why I go or early or late. On that September morning, with Ella and Markus, the sun was still a bit drowsy and the big and lovely trees of the garden Parque Carmona, in Cascais, offered me that light that make me proud doing what I do. Even if I am not at a wedding it is fun to be a photographer.

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