A photo in the right moment


It is usual to say that a good photographer can capture the soul of a person. Well, I do not agree with that not so much. I could explain more but it is not the subject of this blog. But I believe that in certain moments and in the right time of the caption, the eyes looking the right way, the light coming from the right place maybe we have that state of mind just in that glimpse.

For me, it seems what happened in this photo. That is one from a great group of photos that can show to me that I may be a committed wedding photographer, searching for photos with affections inside. After the wedding ceremony, at the front of the church, everybody was congratulating the couple on the transformation that happened inside that church. That was what happened. As a chrysalis that becomes a beautiful butterfly, inside the church, those two persons were transformed from singles to a couple, a symbolic moment that is not so simple, but subject to another site blog.

How a picture that hides everything in the groom’s face but the eyes should be so interesting for the wedding photographer and show it in a blog post? The eyes. They shine. They are intense. They show a vigorous en meaningful hug. Like they are saying to the camera, this guy is important. The harm and hand. We feel the strength, the intimacy.

It was just a moment. So fast but with that element of the first paragraph. The wedding photographer becomes so happy when verified, in the trim, that it was accomplished. Yes, a vain photographer he is.

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