A photo of the bride and groom at Peninha, Sintra


Peninha, in the peak of Serra de Sintra, has, always, had that enchantment unavoidable to any photographer. These days of Autumn give us those greens, browns, oranges, and yellows with the tonalities that bring photography lovers rumbling all over this place. 

This one is a black and withe photo but still gives us the feel of the wet ground, the soft and smooth light caressing, as serene lovers,  the old trees which gave us the nice sensation of belonging when passing through.

One of the things that make me come back, again and again, is the sensation of timelessness and that soft light that gives us a certain kind of meditation and share something that has been a part of others, maybe enchanted princes and princesses, and will belong to other in the future and photography try to read. Today the time belongs to me, Isabel and Renato.

Texto e Foto: Fernando Colaço


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