A photo with mystery


As it should be, the wedding photographer does not know what was talked about, inside this photo. First, because I was far away using my tele lens and, as a convict and not a secret spy, I could not know what was the interesting thing being said. Second, what matters to the attentive photographer, in that piece of the event, are the expressions in the subjects’ faces and watching out for the things that others are making happen.

I could not find better timing to press the shutter button.  An attentive groom, a bride with some amazement in the face, and someone telling a story, maybe adding a bit of excitement. The visual all appeal to the eyes of the wedding photographer and can be the reason for some imaginative storyteller finding an idea that was missing in the story. What was the reason for that talk?

As a wedding photographer it is interesting that I do not just limit my work capturing the reality, which is needed for the truth of the story, but, also, find here and there some riddles that stimulate the viewer’s imagination. Believe me, I find a lot.

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