A photography from nowhere which the photographer in the wedding took advantage


Photographing the first dance is one the best challenges that the wedding photographers have during the wedding day. They never know exactly what will be the light condition in place, they will never know, despite prior arrangement, the couple rhythm, how they will wrap themselves, if they change dance style or if only after a few steps they just stop because dancing is not the thing.

This could be a way to discourage the wedding photographer. Walking around a couple that never stop and, without warning, can abandon the place where they should shine it could tear the nerves of any living soul. But, only who does not not know what a wedding photographer is, can not know that he never give up and every difficulty is a challenge for a not yet happen photo. Everything that boost his heart beat is a sign to not let go in any circumstance.

Because of that, when trimming my photos of the wedding, some time after, a positive surprise was in the front of my eyes. This photo was when it seems that was no more. Just appear, suddenly like a lightning in a quit day. The weeding photographer was still there, just reacted and…it was.  How much I love that.

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