A Portugal destination wedding in Nazaré


It was a foggy morning when I arrived at Nazaré to photograph the wedding of Jade and Neil. To me, it was good news because I like the nice soft light without closed eyes and wrinkled faces.  Because of that, I had a nice beginning of the day. After some delay, because the groom and his companions profit some beach time even if the morning was a bit milky, I started my journey through the wedding day of this delightful English couple.

However, my weather joy vanished because when the bride walked in the aisle, in the square at the top of the hill, where a medieval knight was saved by the Virgin Mary, the sun started to shine and made my dears Englishman and women happy but with hidden eyes. We never can please everybody. But, even with that, my job was done with the joy that I always have and, the ceremony ended, we went to the party place, as if it was a patron saint day party of the neighborhood, at the square of the bride’s parents home. So, photography was everywhere and I just needed to look around.

It was so good and different from the usual. The family prepared all the places for the party and party it was. The wedding photographer left with mission accomplished and with the certitude that this day was never forgotten.

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