Interior of the Church of Santa Maria de Loures with all those present at the wedding ceremony, in a photo by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

A rainy sunny day at the wedding

Interior of the Church of Santa Maria de Loures with all those present at the wedding ceremony, in a photo by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

When a sunny morning brings the wedding photographer to the bride, from the place where the groom was getting ready, and from there to the photogenic and spacious Igreja Matriz de Loures where a nice priest let me enjoy and rebuild in two dimensions inside my cameras the swearing act there witnessed, leaving, outside, to the chromatic contrast between the yellow of the church and blue of the sky and after kisses and congratulations we started a new race, more relaxed, to Quinta do Serpa, where the clean and transparent light of the sun drew, as if was an artist, lights and shadows coming from the high trees, nothing led me to believe that at the moment chosen, by the wedding photographer, to smear himself inside the great scenario for the photos with the couple, suddenly a hard rain started to fall sent by someone that, for sure, do not like weddings, and dare to spill it with tempest fury during the amount of time that was available. Oof… But, when over I stole the couple from the guests and we had time to taste that clean afternoon light after the rain. The photographers know what I am telling you about.

Appetite satisfied we come back to those who were waiting to celebrate and more interested in other flavors than light after rain. Claudia and Afonso stayed over there near the people they love until the end of the party.

This wedding photographer was full of photos inside his cards and lots of things to edit, make an album and print, and, finally, deliver the result of all that work with the couple, to memorize for a lifetime. And that is very important.

Groom's necktie, tucked close to the suit vest.
Groom looking down, shrouded in blur.
Groom's face, seen from the inside of the shoulder and hand, in a mirror.
Hands of the groom buttoning his wedding apparel vest.
The groom looks at the wedding photographer over blurred shading.
Near a window the groom looks down, after getting ready for the wedding.
Bride's face as she is having her hair done, in a mirror on a wall.
The bride between the hairdresser and other people, during her wedding preparation.
The bride's shoes wrapped in the wedding veil.
Detail of the bracelet that the bride will wear to the wedding.
The bride is already wearing her dress while a friend is buttoning it, behind her.
Seen through an open door, the bride buttons a girl's dress while friends button hers.
The bride, seen from the back, wearing a dress and veil with her face reflected in a mirror.
The bride's father puts her shoes on.
Ready to go to the wedding ceremony, the bride with the veil in her hair and the bouquet in her hands.
Through a reflective car window, the bride laughing as she adjusts her dress.
The bride smiling at someone as she gets out of the car and goes to the wedding ceremony.
The bride entering the Church of Santa Maria de Loures, with her father among the wedding guests.
The bride and groom, standing, facing the priest, at the altar of the Church of Santa Maria de Loures.
Viewed from the side, the bride and groom are seated for the wedding ceremony.
The altar of ​​the magnificent Church of Santa Maria de Loures, with the bride and groom seated in front of the priest.
Wedding ring hanging from a flower.
With a candle lit in the middle, the couple attentive to what the priest says during the homily.
With the wedding guests behind them, the bride and groom read the sacred texts, in the hands of the priest.
The priest's hand blesses the married ones, seated in front of him and with their faces looking down.
After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom leave the church, with the groom looking at the bride in conversation.
On the yellow walls of the Church of Santa Maria de Loures, the bride and groom with flower petals in the air.
The groom caresses the bride's face as they leave the wedding ceremony.
The newly married couple descends the stairs of the Quinta do Serpa garden, in front of guests.
Among the flowers in the Quinta do Serpa garden, the bride and groom smile.
Under the trellis of flowers, the couple walks hand in hand, in the wedding photography session.
Portrait of the groom, arms crossed, by the trunk of a tree.
Portrait of the bride, smiling happily, surrounded by the greenery of the Quinta do Serpa garden in Vialonga
The bride and groom, holding hands, as they go up the entrance to Quinta do Serpa, with giant pots on the left.
The newlywed couple dancing at the opening of the wedding ball.
The groom's father dancing with the bride.
The bride, in front of guests, in a dance choreography.
Bride, looking satisfied, dancing at the wedding party at Quinta do Serpa in Vialonga.
The bride and groom in front of their guests, on their way to cutting the cake.
Quinta do Serpa garden, at night and under an orange light, when the wedding cake is being cut.
The moment when the bride throws the bouquet to the singles at the wedding.

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