A restless photographer, at the wedding ceremony


The wedding photographer must move inside, in a church wedding, the most invisible possible, respect the rules of the institution and never interfere in the normal developing of the ceremony. It is a place with spiritual connections, this ceremony have the function of creating a new one, marriage, and the photographer must follow the rules the institution created to this event.

The great problem is to conciliate this with the restless curiosity of the wedding photographers. They are curious, they find always a new point of view in a not authorized place, they move fast, as kids finding a new interest, and the noise of the cameras use to become very annoying to a priest that do not like any noise in his homilia.

I understand all that and conciliate all the fantastic photographic possibilities with the rules that hold it back, it is not an easy thing to do. But the experience, the comum sense and the follow of the rules of the priest of the day, I am sure that will be maximized by the wedding photographer to a cover the most complete and creative way possible as it is his duty. It will be, always, the respect by the space that will prevail.

Part of the ceremony of the wedding at Igreja de Matriz de Santo António em Reguengos de Monsaraz in Alentejo.

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