A team for the photographer in, a wedding day


The team. Everything is almost ready for the game, sorry, to the wedding ceremony, happening some time ahead. The boys are near to depart and, probably all of them have the joy of football, and nothing better than let that be marked in a team photo, sorry again, group photo.

When doing my job I like to let flow, not giving directions that can change the move of the story and transform a documentary form into something more near to a movie with a story already written, even if in the improvise of the moment. Because of that, I never give instructions, not by laziness because the hard work is the same. It is like that, just to show that it was as it was.

It was like that, when the Northern Europe boys, taking some sunbath just before the coats and go on, align themselves to the wedding photographer do is a job, how is his duty. It is good when they call me, look at us all together as a team, don’t you think it was a good photo? We want one. Yes, it was, also for the wedding photographer.

Photography of the team of the groom almost ready to go to Club Nau in Ferragudo, Algarve where the wedding took place.

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