A wedding and baptism


I, already, but here that is not important the number of guests for great photographic coverage of the wedding. Just say more people, more scenery. The proof of this is the small family wedding of Susana and Joaquim, only with near family and some close friends.

In situations like this I, always, get stunned with the great photographic opportunities that I found in a small group of people like today, a wedding. I have the idea that I do not do photos, I just catch them around when people are interacting with each other and with the things surrounding them. Of course, I have some experience and knowledge doing that and, in some way, with the possibilities that my cameras, and lens, offer to me I do a reinterpretation of that catch. Of course, that reinterpretation must tell the real truth of the event. But what I know is that, even if the event has a small group of people, it is not quieter for the wedding photographer.

On the other hand, and because I am appealed for the more confusing zones because that is there where I found more juice, the calm and familiar wedding take me to this more serene-looking to find more rare jewels, that are the rare perfume. And I like it.

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