Among the plants in the forest next to Casa de Reguengos, the bride and groom, sitting on the ground, look at each other bathed in the golden light of the evening.

A wedding at Casa de Reguengos


Among the plants in the forest next to Casa de Reguengos, the bride and groom, sitting on the ground, look at each other bathed in the golden light of the evening.

The wedding photographer was listening to Miles Davis’s Sanctuary, from  Bitches Brew’s album, and found a relationship between what I do, wedding photography, and this theme. Maybe a bit entwined if some jazz purist read this but the wedding photographic cover does not stay very far from a theme played by ears and fingers used to travel between the chords.

I explain. Like jazz, the wedding day has a theme. We know that we have a pathway: get ready in the house of the bride and groom, the ceremony place, the venue for the party, and the session with the couple. That we know from a piece of paper.

The jazz musician has a tune to follow. But we never know what we gonna find at each place and every time we need to make changes, improvise, change the beat, fast, fast, fast. Slow, very slow, and…very fast. The soloists adapt the theme to their own feelings as the bride and groom have the need to adapt at the moment because the makeup artist takes a bit longer, the granny arrives and the bride needs to kiss her, and the bride’s bouquet has not been delivered, and…so…so…so on.

Going to church we, the wedding photographers, need to go fast because the priest does not like to wait but a big truck takes over the road, so it is slow, but now it is time to start a new theme at the door of the church. In time.

Of course, the wedding of Tânia and Bruno was not different. The theme, the necessary improvisation, not letting the time without time be in time, and the soloists always glowing and perfect as they should be in such an important performance.

If I was a musician, it must be a jazz one. But, I must say, as a wedding photographer, of course with my exaggerated imagination, I find myself as a jazz soloist playing in a big band. Thank you very much Tânia and Bruno because you did it, so… until the wedding photographer’s next show.

Seen in a mirror and with several bottles in front of him, the groom shaves his beard to prepare for the wedding.
The groom's mother checks that what he is going to wear for his wedding day is prepared for it.
The groom with his mother who helps him to button his shirt, when dressing for the wedding.
During the stage of getting ready to go to the wedding, the groom buttons the cuff of his shirt.
In the room where he dresses for the wedding, the groom has just donned his suit vest and looks at his hands as he tightens his watch strap.
The pocket watch that the groom will wear on his wedding day, next to his belt and a box, over the fabric of his pants.
The groom's father, reflected in a mirror on the left, helps the groom put on his coat.
After getting dressed for the wedding day, the groom poses for the wedding photographer, looking straight ahead.
Bride's face smiling as she talks to someone, at the stage when she is getting her hair done for the wedding.
Part of the bride's face between blurs, with the hands of the makeup artist who paints her eyes.
Looking to the side with her eyes closed, the bride smiles as the makeup artist, blurred in the foreground, smoothes her makeup with a brush.
After combing and makeup, the bride in a mirror looking down.
In a mirror, painting the bride's eyes.
Lying on the floor next to each other, the bride's two dogs follow the process of her grooming.
On the balcony, with her dress in the background, out of focus, the bride waves to someone across the street.
The bride's dress hangs in the window overlooking the balcony.
The wedding rings attached to a floral arrangement with roses and other flowers.
With her dress already on, the bride, with the bouquet in her hand, looks down.
Two friends of the bride just arrived, greet her at the balcony door.
The bride surrounded by friends who help her put on her shoes.
Viewed from the balcony, the bride looks to the side, sitting with the bouquet in her hand.
The bride, already prepared to leave for the wedding ceremony, talks to the little boy with the hat on his head.
The bride, with her parents and a friend, is getting ready to get into an old car to go to the wedding ceremony.
With the bride, smiling, already inside the old car, a hand gives her the bunch of flowers.
A floral arrangement on one of the church benches, where the wedding ceremony will take place at Nossa Sra. da Assunção of Enxara do Bispo.
At the church door, before the wedding ceremony, a friend of the groom adjusts his coat and the flower in his boutonniere.
A couple of wedding guests walk with their children to their place inside the Church of Nossa Sra. da Assunção of Enxara do Bispo.
The bride gets out of the old car in the church square to enter for the wedding ceremony.
The bride enters the Church of Nossa Sra. of the Assumption of Enxara do Bispo, with her father, among the guests towards the altar.
Once inside the church, the bride and groom sat next to each other, holding hands and holding the bouquet.
Interior of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção of Enxara do Bispo, with the bride and groom, the officiating priest and the guests.
Sitting and facing the priest, the bride and groom listen attentively to the homily during the wedding ceremony.
Seen between the priest, in his homily, and part of the altar, the bride and groom, in the background, seated in front of their guests.
With the groom, the bride reads the oath of marriage in a book held by the priest.
An almost baby girl, with her brother, now a boy, deliver the wedding rings to the bride and groom, together with the bride and groom and the priest.
Groom's hand holds the floral arrangement with the rings while the bride's hand removes the rings.
The couple, together in front of the priest, during the wedding ceremony, remove the rings from the floral arrangement.
The groom gives the ring to the bride during the wedding ceremony at the Church of Nossa Sra. da Assunção of Enxara do Bispo.
The groom signs the marriage documents at the Church of Nossa Sra. of the Assumption of Enxara from the Bishop.
After the wedding ceremony is over, inside the church, guests greet the bride and groom.
The newlyweds just left the church, after the wedding ceremony, among the wedding guests.
Outside the church, after the wedding ceremony in the Church of Nossa Sra. da Assunção of Enxara do Bispo., a guest embraces the groom congratulating him on his marriage.
Two photographers at the moment they photograph the bride and groom, when they arrive at Casa de Reguengos for the wedding party.
The groom's grandfather playing the mandolin to entertain the guests before the wedding meal.
Among the flowers in the garden of Casa de Reguengos under the golden light of the late afternoon, the bride and groom smile together in the session with the wedding photographer.
Leaning on the groom's chest and cheeks together, the bride looks back smiling, in the midst of wild, unfocused bushes in the garden.
The bride and groom kiss, seen through the trees of the woods next to Casa de Reguengos, where the wedding party is taking place.
Bathed in the golden light of the end of the day at Casa de Reguengos, the bride and groom, next to each other, pose, among the trees in the forest, for the wedding photographer.
Standing, the newly married couple receives the warm light of the late afternoon, surrounded by plants and trees.
Portrait of the bride in black and white, looking straight ahead and framed by two tufts of plants, taken by the wedding photographer.
Next to trees with mosses on the trunks, the bride, with her back on the groom's chest, looks at him with the two of them holding hands, entwined in front of the bride.
Among the oleanders, small cedars and tufts of marigolds at Casa de Reguengos, the bride and groom, standing and intertwined, look to the side.
The bride smiling and with the bouquet in her hand, on a path near the Casa de Reguengos, in a portrait by the wedding photographer.
The groom smiles, sitting by a wall with vases of flowers.
The bride and groom are about to start the first dance of the wedding party.
During the first dance of the wedding, the couple intertwined, talking between blues and purples colors.
At the end of the first dance, the groom with the bride in his arms, lit by a green light behind them.
The bride with the bouquet in her hands, aloft, before tossing it to the singles at the wedding, in front of her.
The hill with the Church of Nossa Sra. da Assunção of Enxara do Bispo, seen from the Casa de Reguengos.
Before the wedding cake is cut, the bride and groom give a speech, laughing a lot, thanking their guests.
Along with the wedding cake, the bride and groom thank their guests for their presence, before distributing it to everyone.
The bride with a mask during the wedding party at Casa de Reguengos.
The bride and groom, facing each other, wearing masks, play with each other during the wedding party at Casa de Reguengos.

From a wedding in Casa de Reguengos at Vila Franca do Campo.

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