A Wedding at Quinta da Taipa, Alenquer


It was a wedding photographer morning. How are the wedding photographers mornings? Well, at least for me, the sky must not be completely clean, is a way to give a nice soft light, because a harsh light is no good to photograph a wedding  and a wedding is…people. And people faces does not like hard light. Faces in a wedding are smiling faces, faces in celebration and party. With a nice soft light everybody win. The photographer because can get better photos and the photographed because will be better in the photos.

In that great wedding photographer morning, I was with the groom in the day he will change to husband from here to a few hours. Euphoric. I do not need to spend words because the photos will show that and I am a photographer, not a writer. So that’s it with Pedro.

Some km after here I was the Filipa, the bride. It was at Quinta da Taipa, near Alenquer, under that light that this wedding photographer love. Like a princess, surrounded by her waiting maids, each one with a special thing to do and start to be prepared to the celebration that everybody want in the memory and in the heart. If something get away, the wedding photographer catch and keep.

And everything started. The begin command is spoken. The groom, flashy, wait for the bride which appear in the next moment, with a nervous serenity in her face, to a yes that all the presents want, because they love them, wishing them happiness for ever. That is how it should be. And that is all in photos. How I like it.

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