A wedding at Quinta das Riscas in Montijo, Portugal

The bride carries the bride on her back on a country path.

The Quinta das Riscas is an oasis designed at the beginning of the Alentejo, near Montijo, and is the place chosen by Cátia and Luís to celebrate their wedding.

Walking the road in the direction of Pegões to the Quinta is by itself a delight for the eyes of the wedding photographer. The Alentejo began there and is going to prolong through the road under the shadow of the round holm oaks that shade as giant sun hats that protect and inspire. The Quinta das Riscas comes from nothing, lined with vines, still green but already with orange shapes, immediately transporting the thought of the photographer to the photos that will be made more in the afternoon with the bride and groom. And so it was. The orange light has been fulfilled. I did what a wedding photographer must do: enjoy it.

The day was with autumnal blue sky with a mild temperature, ideal for that, in front of the magnificent palm trees where the yes would come luminous as the sun. Any wedding photographer, in this scenario, feels inspired to produce the best that illustrates so a magnificent day.

Once again it was a privilege to have been there. The photos were released just like the guests and the bride and groom felt.

Groom being helped to dress by a friend.
As the groom dresses, guests lurk in the doorway.
Friend of the groom tightens his shirt cufflinks.
Groom's face, in a mirror, between him and a friend who helps him, blurred.
The groom putting the handkerchief in his coat pocket.
The groom's friend adjusts his handkerchief in his coat pocket, with a girl at his side.
Portrait of the groom before leaving for Quinta das Riscas where the wedding ceremony will take place.
Groom with an orange background.
The groom caresses his dog, lying in the garden
The bride's shoes on a chair.
The basket of flower petals.
Bride, in a mirror, having her hair done.
Bride with hair being straightened by the hairdresser.
Bride, in profile, in pastel tones with hairdresser's hands.
Hands squeezing the bride's dress.
Laughing bride, eat mother, grandmother and aunt as they prepare to veil their hair.
The veil in the bride's hair by her aunt.
Bride, ready, holds her bouquet.
The bride smiles with the bouquet in her hand.
The bride, seated, waits to leave for Quinta das Riscas.
Down the stairs of the house, the bride with her mother.
The bride gets into the car.
Inside the car, the bride ready to go to Quinta das Riscas.
he groom, at the wedding ceremony site at Quinta das Riscas, chats with friends.
Bride, with her mother, walks to the location of the wedding ceremony.
Among the guests, the bride and her mother arrive at the altar of the wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom seated in front of the officiant at Quinta das Riscas.
At the wedding ceremony table at Quinta das Riscas, the bride and groom are seated with the officiating conservator.
View of the couple with the wedding guests from behind.
Groom and bride sitting at the ceremonial table.
Ring girl.
The moment of exchanging rings.
Bride, serene, during the wedding ceremony.
Groom, during a wedding ceremony.
Guests celebrate at the end of the wedding ceremony at Quinta das Riscas.
The bride's family embraces her, excited.
The couple, now husband and wife, leaving the ceremony site.
The newlywed couple celebrates with two glasses in their hands.
Strolling through Quinta das Stripes, the newly married couple.
The bride and groom enter the wedding dining room at Quinta das Riscas.
Bride playing with the groom.
The groom being interviewed, in a joke at the wedding party.
Groom, eyes closed, tries to identify the bride in a wedding party game
The couple walks hand in hand, in a field next to Quinta das Riscas.
Facing and hugging, the bride and groom pose for the wedding photographer.
The couple sitting among the wild plants.
Bride with her veil blowing in the wind, in a golden late afternoon light.
Groom in pose.
Bride among plants in the Quinta das Riscas garden.
The newlywed couple looks ahead, into an evening light.
The couple among blurred plants.
The couple walks in front of the luminous trees, with the golden light of the late afternoon at Quinta das Riscas.
The bride and groom in the first dance of the opening of the floor.
The bride throws her bouquet to the singles.
The groom with friends laughing a lot.
The bride and groom distribute gifts to their guests.
The couple together with guests to whom they offer gifts.
Among the palm trees of Quinta das Riscas, the bride and groom prepared to cut the wedding cake.
The groom gives the bride a taste of the wedding cake.

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