In the midst of the guests, the bride and groom offer flowers to the patron saint of the church, at the end of the wedding ceremony, viewed by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

A wedding at Quinta do Lumarinho


In the midst of the guests, the bride and groom offer flowers to the patron saint of the church, at the end of the wedding ceremony, viewed by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

Leave home very soon, to a photography wedding day, with that adventure spirit when we know what we gonna do, but with the incertitude of all the imponderable that can change all the planned things. The journey was planned several months ago and, between the first day and the departure moment, we have the certitude of the happening but since the departure moment we, or me, enter in a mixture of enrapturing because it is de moment to go with the incertitude with what we gonna find.

If we have a wedding day, instead of a hypothetical trip, we can see not much difference because, really, we have several journeys to the bride and groom’s houses, ceremony, venue, and back home. For me, as a wedding photographer, all-day photographing is also a very big journey and, when I come back home, I bring with me that great inner satisfaction even if some parts of my body have a different opinion.

However, it is something that makes me always back on somebody’s wedding day. Today I write about Sónia and Francisco who married at Quinta do Lumarinho. I am, really, sure that they passed with the same emotions, and expectations that I did, and more because they received affection and love from everybody with them all day. And I registered that for them, they think.

Because my wedding photographer’s attitude is full of emotional reactions to all the energy that envelopes those people, on this special day, I think, this must be noticed in the photos I have done. So this is exactly how I like, always, to come back. So much.

Bride's face, seen through out-of-focus objects, when she is being made up.
In a mirror at the hairdresser's, the makeup artist, with her back turned and out of focus, applies powder with a brush to the bride's face as she prepares for the wedding.
Seen in a mirror, the bride talks, smiling, with friends at the hairdresser.
The groom with his mother who fixes his hair, smiling.
The groom looks in the mirror to comb his hair for the wedding.
Groom's hands tightening shoelaces.
The groom with his father who puts the cufflinks on his shirt.
The groom in front of his mother who chooses the small bunch of flowers for the lapel of his coat.
The groom, after dressing for the wedding, with two friends and the grandmother who arranges the small bunch of flowers in the lapel of his coat.
After dressed for the wedding, the groom in a portrait, hands in his pockets, looking at the wedding photographer.
Standing, the groom, with his hands in his pockets and ready to go to the wedding ceremony.
The groom's father and brother taking pictures at home as the groom got ready for the wedding.
The bride's blue shoes, on the fabric of a sofa and with the bride's veil behind.
The bride's dress hung in a window, along with the bride's shoes and other accessories.
As she prepares for the wedding, the bride, with the help of a friend who helps her, picks up the dress.
Hands of the bride's mother and sister as they button her dress in the back.
The bride, seen from the front as her mother and friends button her wedding dress.
Bride's face, smiling, with three blurred faces at the side, who help with the dress.
The bride in the midst of several friends who admire her, after getting dressed for the. wedding.
Among unfocused friends, the bride in conversation with them, ready to leave for the wedding ceremony.
Bride's face, between two blurred friends, when two hands put her earrings
Bride smiling, in the middle of two dark zones, in a portrait by the wedding photographer.
The bride and mother, together, play making gestures with their faces.
Inside the car to go to the wedding ceremony, the bride waves a fan.
Inside the Church, the bride arrives with the groom.
Interior of the church, with walls full of blue tiles, Manueline arches and gilded carvings on the altar, with the bride and groom and guests seen from behind.
The bride and groom seated in front of the church altar, listening to the priest during the homily.
The bride and groom, holding hands in a ritual of the wedding ceremony, between the priest and the godparents.
The groom at the time of taking the oath of marriage.
Among the priest and godparents, the bride and groom in a part of the wedding ceremony in the church.
Smiling, the bride removes the rings from the base that transported them there, with the groom beside her.
The groom at the moment will hand the ring to the bride, in front of her.
The bride, laughing with emotion, places the ring on the groom's finger in front of he.
View of the church with all participants in the wedding ceremony.
Excited, after the ceremony of the wedding rings, the bride, with her eyes closed, leans her head on the groom's shoulder.
Already married, the bride and groom laugh at the priest, in front of them, out of focus.
The bride and groom walk together towards the exit of the church after the wedding ceremony is over.
The bride, with the bouquet in her arm, smiles at the guests who surround her and congratulate her on the wedding.
The bride and groom, in front of a group of wedding guests, take a selfie in front of the church where the wedding ceremony took place.
At Quinta do Lumarinho, the newlyweds with glasses of champagne in their hands celebrating at the reception.
Inside a tuk-tuk at Quinta do Lumarinho, the bride and groom go to the location of the wedding party.
The bride and groom descend the stairs at Quinta do Lumarinho, on the way to the wedding meal.
The newly married couple enters the room where the meal and wedding party will take place at Quinta do Lumarinho.
In the session with the wedding photographer, the bride with her back over the groom's shoulder, looking both to the side, with the trees in the garden in the background.
With her back on her husband's shoulder, with her hand in her pants pocket, the bride looks at him smiling at the session in the garden of Quinta do Lumarinho.
The bride sitting on a rock in the middle of the lawn in the garden, with the old trees around.
Portrait of the bride with the groom leaning against a tree trunk, in the background and out of focus, smiling at the wedding photographer's camera.
The groom, with his back on a tree trunk, looks at the bride in front of her, out of focus, during the session with the wedding photographer.
Sitting together in the background, the bride and groom surrounded by blue flowers and trees from the Quinta do Lumarinho garden.
Sitting back to back, the bride and groom look at each other amidst the flowers and trees at Quinta do Lumarinho.
Bride sitting among blue flowers, in a portrait by the wedding photographer.
The groom, hands in his pockets, in a black and white portrait amid the blurred flowers in the garden.
Leaning against an old wall at Quinta do Lumarinho, the bride and groom, standing and holding hands, pose for the wedding photographer.
In front of guests sitting at a table in the Quinta do Lumarinho party room, the groom talks to them with a friend.
The bride in the midst of two friends, in conversation with them, during the wedding party.
In the party room at Quinta do Lumarinho, the bride and groom, sitting in front of guests, watch a movie about them.
The bride and groom open the dance of the wedding party.
Together and looking at each other, the bride and groom dance at the opening of the wedding ball.
Among friends invited to the wedding, the bride dances during the wedding dance.
Bride among guests dancing at the wedding party at Quinta do Lumarinho
The bride and groom, in front of guests and with them, celebrate.
The wedding cake decorated with a paper boat, with candle and bride and groom inside it.
The bride and groom walk a path lit by the guests, towards the cutting of the cake.

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