The couple, laughing, seated in front of the altar of the wedding ceremony in Os Agostos in Algarve, by the wedding photographer.

A wedding in Monte os Agostos, Algarve

The couple, laughing, seated in front of the altar of the wedding ceremony in Os Agostos in Algarve, by the wedding photographer.

It is a hot summer day and Aline and Marcos are coming to say yes at Monte Os Agostos near Faro, Algarve.

In this beautiful space, surrounded by almond trees, carob trees, and others with fantastic perfume they throw into the air and kiss everybody on this special day and place. It is a bit annoying for the wedding photographer not to catch this odor in the photos, too.

Because of old special authorization, it is possible, and only in some chosen years, to celebrate the wedding in the open air at this place. The bride was shining with her beautiful dress under the palm trees with their great shadow protecting and blessing a couple, family, and friends from the sun of the August day. It was the perfect condition to do wedding photography.

Dinner and party with really happy end.

Thank you, Aline and Marcos

Groom's shoes on a chair.
The groom shaving.
The groom with his mother who helps him with the cufflinks.
The groom's mother helping him put on his coat.
Groom sitting and his mother, sitting on the floor, who helps him put on his shoes.
The new one's mother kisses him on the head.
Groom, in the mirror of a piece of furniture, looks at himself when ready.
The groom between the cloths of a structure in Monte dos Agosto, in the Algarve.
The groom, in a portrait, looks into the distance.
The bride in a hairdresser's mirror being combed.
The bride, with eyes of astonishment in conversation with the hairdresser.
The makeup artist paints the bride's eyes.
Detail of the bride's face in a tiny mirror.
The bride's dress, hanging.
The bride's shoes on the floor.
The bride's earrings with the bouquet.
Friends of the bride putting on earrings.
The bride sees herself in the mirror of a piece of furniture.
The bride with two female friends posing for the wedding photographer.
The bride happily shows her hairdo to two friends.
Black and white portrait of the bride, smiling.
The bride in a mirror seen from another mirror.
In the car, the bride arrives at the wedding ceremony at Quinta dos Agostos in the Algarve.
Children roam the aisle that leads to the altar of the wedding ceremony, among guests.
The bride enters the ceremony site with her father.
The bride and groom at the altar of the wedding ceremony with guests, between two large palm trees.
The bride at the wedding ceremony, seated, with the bouquet in her lap.
Groom, seated, during the wedding ceremony at Monte dos Agostos.
Guests attend the wedding ceremony.
Grooms, back and standing, in front of the altar.
Overview of the wedding ceremony site with bride and groom, priest, guests and palm trees.
The groom, embracing the bride, celebrates the end of the wedding ceremony.
The newlywed couple walks through the ceremony wing on the way out, celebrating, while flower petals are thrown at them.
In a portrait the groom and the bride, seated close to each other.
Bride looks ahead and groom looks at her.
Looking at each other, the bride and groom in a space at Quinta dos Agostos in the Algarve
The groom laughing.
Groom sitting on a wall of Monte dos Agostos, with roofs in the background and bride hugging him.
Near the roof of a house, the newlywed couple look at each other.
The bride and groom look down.
Along with guests, the bride receives a gift.
The dining room with all the guests seated at the table, in Monte dos Agostos.
Invited in conversation with the bride and groom.
Sitting at the table, the bride and groom watch something that makes them laugh.
The bride and groom dancing bathed in blue light at the wedding feast.

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