A wedding photo as a memory impress


As a photographer, during the wedding day, I always try to not interfere in the flow of the process. Of course, even if the format of the majority of the weddings does not change, the situations that give the moments for photos are slightly different from wedding to wedding which put the wedding photographer, in some way, guessing what is going to happen in flow of the process. It is what is named, by the slang of the profession, worldiness. I still remember my twist and swirls in the beginning, of my wedding covers, without knowing the exact place where I should be for that angle or moment. When the time goes on we, sometimes, ask ourselves how this photo was taken because,realy we do not remember. And this was not because it was fruit of a random use but because, I think, our body, after some time, will gain some self knowledge and memory that react even before the head, or the reason.

That photo was like that. I am sure it was not random because it is well framed, in the right angle and, specially, in the spot moment to show what is importante here: a young lady, almost a baby, helping her mother , which is going to be married, even if, I am sure, she did not knew what this was, but she knew, for certain, that was important and the mother did not wish better assistant.

The unaware wedding photographer can loose this moments if he, or she, only do that as a thing to do. But this moments do the great difference and show me that my presence is important in someone wedding day even if, sometimes, I do not remember how I did that photo. My body knew. That I am sure.

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