About the others in the wedding to photograph.


When you can not do what I described in the last post, I revenge myself and look for other people who are, also, there. Because I have that passion to photograph faces, here I go because I have a lot, in a church full of people, letting me approach them, from the point of view at my wish. The famous restriction is about the altar, letting me on the loose in the rest of the space.

In that walk I find those wondering smiles with goals accomplished, the wedding is one of the most celebrated moments in family, friends, and, even, wedding photographers. So, here I go in my demand almost as if it was in my way to say to sir priest prohibitionist, without daring to do so, that here you can not stop me doing what I love the most. I always find the granny which is light herself and, because I am in a church, I could confuse her with a saint, coming to bless the couple or a mother grandmother at the same time attentive to the ceremony and calming the child already tired of so much talk.

Everything is a motive to move the wedding photographer through that beautiful church, in ceremony time, and there are always some photos around that he need to find and catch. So even if the priest does not let him do it, he never stops doing it. That is the duty of the wedding photographer.

Grand mother of the bride smiling in the wedding ceremony at church.
Mother of the bride calming little boy at the church wedding ceremony.
Father of the bride and mother of the bride, unfocused, in the background.

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