THE EMOTION OF THE TIES by Fernando Colaço, wedding photographer

Many times I ask myself about the reason I insist doing photography.  After a nice profissional career in the several areas of the photography trade, and before as a amateur (the one who love the subject he do), why I find myself with this self satisfaction, and be thankful, in this thing called wedding photography.

I always find the same answer: people. Everytime I try to think about this, or pick up a photographic camera, my direction is always to the people. I could have chose a different kind of photography, maybe more accept by  the knowledge people, but wedding photography fill the concept: photographing people doing things that people do.

But, sometimes, we do not choose what we do. The things we do chose us. By chance we are picked by something that will define us for the rest of our life. It happened to me. By chance I did some photos in a wedding and I found there everything I like in photography: people, people and people. People with ties. Family ties, friendship ties, love ties and, specially,  ties for the future. Well, with some flowers, decorated tables and pointing signs.

My name is Fernando Colaço and that was the reason why I am a wedding photographer. That is why I commit myself to do all my best at every single moment in the wedding day. Inconditionaly.

At your service

Fernando Colaço

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