Affections at the wedding viewed by the photographer


First, we accomplish. After, we celebrate. The moment of the first photo is the final ritual that everything has walked for. It is solemn, nervous, wished, and happy. It is not the moment where the wedding photographer can afford to be inattentive.

It is, as a fact, one of the moments, if not the moment, where every wedding photographer does not wish that his beloved camera tell him not now, I am not in the mood or one of those competitors, that can be found in every wedding, just jump in between the chosen lens and the finger just in time to receive the precious ring.

But it is a fast moment and once fulfilled the duty, by everybody, almost suddenly we start a more relaxed communion, almost a victory celebration and the wedding photographer, free from that intuitional weight, will start to reap affections in the form of kisses and strong hugs that guarantee, by everybody in the place, what was sworn just before in the ceremony. You can not stop the wedding photographer with all that emotion in the air.

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